Curriculum Vitae

Who What
Filippo Buletto
born on March 11th 1987
Master’s degree
in Computer engineering



Deep knowledge of Oracle Virtualbox, Microsoft Office, Open Office, Visual Paradigm.

Good knowledge of Docker, OpenShift.

Programming Languages

Deep knowledge of Java SE 8, Java EE 6/7.

Other languages of PL/SQL, Javascript, Latex.

Development Environment

Deep knowledge of Eclipse, GIT, Maven.

Good knowledge of Netbeans, Vim, Sublime Text, SVN.


Deep knowledge of Oracle DB 12c (SQL DB), Oracle Directory Server (LDAP).

Good knowledge of Riak KV (No-SQL DB).

Other MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Operating Systems

Deep knowledge of Microsoft Windows (10 Desktop), Linux, Apple macOS.

Good knowledge of Apple iOS.


Deep knowledge of VPN, Skype, WebEx, Sublime Text, VS Code, Prometheus.

Good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, The GIMP.

Personal informations

I’m a Lead Software Engineer in the Product and Service Development team at InfoCert.

I’ve experience in Java/JavaEE technologies and I’ve worked on designing and implementing software solutions in the fields of SQL Databases and E-Commerce SOA integrations ahead of my employment at InfoCert. I’ve also worked with the InfoCert “certified e-mail” team before joining the Product and Service Development team.

I’ve experienced remote (smart) working: improving my digital communication skills, managing my time effectively, using tools to securely remote access to corporate resources.

I hold a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the University of Padova, IT. My final year project was an essay on the process of creating an ICT Startup.

I enjoy photographing, reading, and traveling in my spare time. I’ve been a Chief Scout, I hold an autonomous diver certification and I’m into sports such as Road bicycle racing.

Work experience


Software Architect Padova
InfoCert 02/2013 - Today

Contractual status: Full-time open-ended contract.

Goals: Development and design of WEB Services for the SME market.

Involved technologies: Java 8, Java EE 7, Oracle DB, RESTful WebServices, JBoss EAP 7, Infinispan, Prometheus.

Description: I specialized in designing and developing high reliability / availability web services with Java EE technology. I studied in deep the object oriented and functional programming with Java 8 and I studied the technologies of the JVM internals. I promote the application of design patterns and SOLID principles.

Each project involved distributed clustering for high reliability and I learned to tackle issues such as: replication, eventual consistency, asynchronous processing, fault tolerance and the circuit breaker.

I evaluated the adoption of cloud ready architectures such as microservices and related technologies (Docker, Kubernetes, Eclipse MicroProfile).

I have an in-depth knowledge of the main desktop operating systems among which I’m confrtable to work, I’ve also a good knowledge of linux server systems.

As databases, I can interface with relational and non-relational systems.

I contributed to the definition of company standards such as Continuous Integration, Development Environment, Code Review, Version Control, Static Code Analysis, JVM and Middleware technology updates, process documentation for ISO:9000, ISO:20000 and ISO:27001 Compliance.

I have specialized in the field of application security, contributing to the definition of company guidelines, I am also part of the team that guarantees security, identifies security faults, verifies the effectiveness of each security measure.

Project: LegalCert REST

Involved technologies: Java 6, Java EE 5, Jboss EAP 5, PKI (PKCS#10, PKCS#7).

Description: Design and development of a frontend application to the registration and certification authority Infocert aimed at replacing old SOAP technologies with the most recent REST.

Project: InfoCert Secure Access Controller

Involved technologies: Java 8, Java EE 7, LDAP, Infinispan, JBoss EAP 7, Prometheus, Grafana.

Description: Design and development of a custom identity provider which implement a self-taught protocol but also a standard one such as OpenID Connect 1.0 in accordance with ISO / IEC 29115. This led me to learn about technologies such as LDAP, distributed in-memory key/value data stores, JWT signature and encryption. Given the business critical task of this application it has been monitored for performance metrics with Prometheus (and Grafana for data visualization).

Project: Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale (SPID - InfoCert ID)

Involved technologies: Java 8, Java EE 6, LDAP, Infinispan, JBoss EAP 6.

Description: Design and development of a custom identity provider which implement the AgID SPID SAML2 protocol. SPID is the (Italian) Public Digital Identity System that guarantees all citizens and businesses a single, secure and protected access to the digital services of the Public Administration. This application federates with InfoCert Secure Access Controller allowing interoperability with InfoCert services.


IT Consultant Treviso
Reply Technology 05/2012 - 01/2013

Contractual status: Full-time fixed-term contract. CCNL Industria 5° Livello. Aimed at permanent employment and level advancement.

Customer: Euronics

Goals: Acquisition of technical and functional independence in large projects using the tools of Oracle SOA technologies.

Involved technologies: Java 6, MySQL, Tomcat, Struts, Hibernate, Javascript, Apache Virtual Server, Java Servlet

Description: Develop an application with business process management capabilities using Java technologies, Oracle Service Bus, Oracle Weblogic 11g with SOA functionality interfacing to Microsoft SQL Server database and Oracle. The start-uping project requires to process and export to the Customer the requested information at pre-established and automated intervals. The development continued with advanced features and interfacing with frontend-backend applications of external companies affiliated with the customer. Work site: Milano.

Customer: Reply

Goals: Acquisition of technical and functional independence within medium-sized and complex projects.

Involved technologies: Java 6, MySQL, Tomcat, Struts, Hibernate, Javascript, Apache Virtual Server, Java Servlet

Description: Support to Senior Consultant for knowledge of the project and start the independent management of the Reply group sites. The project consists in providing new functionality to backend applications and support to the frontend structure. In the period between June and July I have undertaken in almost total autonomy the preparation of the application structure for the release (backend) of a new site of the group, collaborating also with colleagues from other Business Units to provide support to the platform’s applications. Support for site management continued in non-constant periods to provide AM and CR support thanks to the experience gained on the applications development. Work site: Milano.

IT Consultant Treviso
Reply Technology 02/2012 - 04/2012

Contractual status: Internship aimed at hiring.

Customer: Mediaset

Goals: Training on the job.

Involved technologies: Java 6, Spring Framework, Oracle 11g, Javascript

Description: Training in the application maintenance group: development of Java and Oracle PL / SQL applications. The developers group introduced me to the business environment and to group work, for the maintenance of the applications; the skills I acquired led me to a fair level of autonomy in the management of AM requests. In the same period I also took part in the development of a new Java application with the use of the Spring Framework and Javascript libraries. Work site: Milano.

Personal projects

Developer Internet
Open-source software 2010 - Today

First released under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 License and than under the MIT License. DropLink is a simple application that allows to exceed the limit imposed by Dropbox synchronizing also files / directories outside the synchronization folder. The application has reached thousands of downloads worldwide. Website.

Not So JUG

I co-founded a Java User Group. Website.


Licensed under the MIT License. Prometheus health checks collector is a library that includes a custom collector for the Prometheus JVM Client. Website.

Tutor Part-time Lendinara
Personal teacher 2008 - 2011


Master’s degree

Università degli studi di Padova
Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Informatica
  • Thesis: Ingegnerizzazione del processo di creazione di una Startup: dall’idea al modello di business / Creating a Startup: from the idea to the Business Model
  • Final score: 103/110
  • Classes:
    • Parallel Calculation, Numerical Processing of Signals, Three-dimensional Data Processing, Big Data, Theoretical Computing, Operational Research, Realtime Systems.
    • Artificial Intelligence, Temporal Reasoning, Distributed Systems, Information Retrieval, Strategic Management of Organizations, Information Economics.

Bachelor’s degree

Università degli studi di Padova
Laurea Triennale in Ingegneria Informatica
  • Thesis: Realizzazione di un simulatore semplificato del robot educativo Mindstorm NXT / Realization of a simplified simulator for the educational robot Mindstorm NXT
  • Final score: 102/110
  • Classes:
    • Mathematics, Physics, Foundations of Computer Science, Circuits and Logical Systems.
    • Signals and systems, Foundations of Electronics, Foundations of Automation, Fundamentals of Communication, Electrotechnics, Computer Architecture, Data and algorithms.
    • Software Engineering, Information Systems, Operating Systems, Data Bases, Computer Networks, Data and Algorithms, Economics, Information History.

High school

ITIS F. Viola
Perito Industriale Capotecnico
  • Final score: 91/100
  • European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) N° IT 716799


  • Olimpiadi dell’Informatica di Istituto - 2nd Place (2005/2006)
  • Olimpiadi dell’Informatica di Istituto - 1st Place (2004/2005)

Courses and Certifications

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